American Revenue Management, Inc. was founded in 1991 on the principle that business depends on relationships and relationships depend on results.

Still operated by its founders and their vision, the standard of service has remained true in our 22+ years history as the compass that has guided us in the past and through the recent economic storm. We emerge wiser and stronger, with more experience to offer our clients.

Our record speaks for itself, and we remain grateful to our clients who have trusted us with their business for many years. We welcome new clients with our key service philosophy, a pledge conceived by our founder that will endure into the future: “Collecting relationships one client at a time” ~ Allan S.


Here are a few things that have been said over the years:


“One would think that it’s a rare occasion when the words ‘collections, compassion, and consideration’ all are said in the same sentence. We at National Holistic Institute have had the pleasure, and resulting benefit of experiencing it often when working with ARM. They are great people, with high quality skills, that bring in the results.”
Vice President of Education at NHI

"I can't think of one thing you need to improve on. You are the best. I have taken you to every medical office I've ever managed."
J. Medlin, Medical Practice

"Allan and his staff are one of our finest collection agencies. Their recovery results with the Bankcards accounts and other products (commercial loans and consumer installment loans) have consistently passed our audits. We highly recommend ARM to any financial organization or business."
K. Olsen, Banker

"We feel ARM is doing a good job for us and we are very happy with the service and recovery amount. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work."
S.Stone, Credit Union VP

"We’ve been working with ARM since 2002 and have found the collection process to work quite well for us. They have standardized procedures which make file and document submission simple and easy to understand. ARM employees are professional and have excellent customer service skills when dealing with us as a client as well as the individuals turned over to collections. The bottom line is collecting the money and ARM does exactly that."
Property Management Executive

"We have been working with ARM in recovering our debts for several years now . We have found them to be steadfast in their efforts, with their success rate growing steadily over the years."
B. Hourigan (East Bay)

"I am glad to state my appreciation for how well ARM and its staff handle themselves. They are extremely professional and as far as I am concerned we will continue to do business with them well into the future."

Tom Stone (South Bay)

"We have tried many collection agencies over the years, and your results have been better than all the others combined"
M. Zamora (Sacramento)

"ARM has collected more than our previous agency by a high margin. The staff is very professional and we like the documentation that they keep on each file."
Jayette, Dental Clinic Manager

"We feel that you are doing a great job on our accounts, We have always had pleasant service from your staff and never had to wait for a response on any question we've had. Thank You!
Susan, Pediatric Practice

"ARM's staff are knowledgeable, efficient and helpful. Their recovery rate has been great."
Debbie C. Dental Practice

"Keep up the good work! Thank you. Best results I've ever experienced any time."
P. DeJulio, Atheletic Club


"I would like to thank you so much for your patience and understanding when working with me through my financial difficulties. Your ethics and customer service should be adopted by others in your field. Remember, 'This was an attempt to pay a debt and the assistance you provided enabled me to do so.'"
Brenda W., Medical Patient

"I spoke with you weekly and your professional way made me want to pay off my debt faster. So I got a second job and was finally able to pay the balance off in full last week. Thank you for being nice and polite and accepting my small payments weekly."
Ms. Freeman, Car Dealership Client

"It's nice to know that your people take pleasure in making others feel good."
Iris W., Property Management Tenant

"Thank you for brokering the resolution between our two companies. Your skills could negotiate peace treaties between Palestinians and Israelis."
B2B Technology Buyer

"Please find enclosed a check in the amount of $----. Thank you for being both kind and professional."
Carol C., Hospital Patient